Our "House on Wheels"

Our "House on Wheels"

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Virginia May 5th to May 17th

I did manage to get in some shopping in this colonial shopping mall! But they wouldn't take my credit card! Cash only! Didn't they have plastic in the 1700s? Like my new hat? I think I may join the drum and fife corps. This beautiful old church is one of the oldest Episcopal churches in America, and still has regular services. The cemetery to the side of the church shows some very prominent and recognizable names displayed on the tombstones. Inside, we sat in George Washington's and Patrick Henry's pews!

Beautiful flower and vegetable gardens like this one, are abundant in Colonial Williamsburg. Tranquil and peaceful to view, but a lot of hard work for the gardeners! I appreciate their hard work, all done with only hand tools. Ahhh yes, Captain George's! The sign does not lie! When you come to Captain George's, you had better wear elastic in your waistband! So you don't care for seafood? Not to worry, this huge buffet has EVERYTHING and lots of it!No, this is not a part of Colonial Williamsburg! This is our beautiful former home in Fredericksburg, Virginia. We also visited our old stomping ground of Fredericksburg, while in the area. We stopped by and visited the new owners too! Surprisingly, they have changed very little about the house. Maybe my decorating tastes aren't so bad after all!We were also fortunate enough to spend time with some of our favorite friends in Fredericksburg, the Serrett family, and Shelva Rhodes!

Actually, I think our Fredericksburg house would fit in here rather nicely!Be sure to check in for our next entry - more fun to come! Live, laugh, love!

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